Sunset Ridge Equine - Training

Training and Lesson Services


Sunset Ridge provides the following training services for horses (board and other costs not included) :
  • Full training - $300/Month or $30/ride.

Sunset Ridge provides the following lesson services for riders:
On our lesson horse:
  • $40 for a single lesson
  • $155 per month for four lessons
  • $190 per month for five lessons
On your owned or leased horse:
  • $35 for a single lesson
  • $135 per month for four lessons
  • $165 per month for five lessons
Training and lesson services are available for both English and Western horses and riders.

Meet Our Trainers:

Christa Nerone

Merry Met!
Christa and Devin
My name is Christa and I am the owner and manager of Sunset Ridge Equine Services. I am an instructor and trainer of the Western style of riding. I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and, through an odd set of circumstances, found myself working for a trainer named Jade DeCampos, in Pacifica, CA. She taught me a lot about Western riding and training over the three and a half years that I worked and showed with her.

After high school I came to Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Industry. During my studies I participated in CSU's riding instructor training program and decided that instructing students and training horses was what I wanted to do as my main occupation. I have taught Western riding to many, many people aged 5 to 65 as well as trained many a horse over the last two decades. Along with Western riding , I also enjoy riding dressage and participating in a few three-day events. However, I leave the teaching of English riding to my friend and associate, Libby Dies.

My basic philosophy encompasses safety around, fun with, knowledge about, and care of the horses. My students are expected to listen, learn, ask questions and work hard. My lessons are not pony rides, and my students must respect and be responsible for their horse at all times.

I have a very limited group of wonderful lesson horses, but please feel free to give me a call and we can discuss your needs. I can be reached on my cell phone at 970-988-9711.

Keep riding to your dreams!

Libby Dies

Christa and Devin
I started riding Hunter/Jumpers when I was 10 years old. I rode and showed at the County and A level in Southern California while I was growing up. My parents were never able to buy me a horse, so I showed on lesson horses and on my friends' horses. I think that riding so many different horses made me a better rider, and a better instructor. I started teaching summer camp lesson when I was 13, and started teaching lessons and training when I was 15.

I got my degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University in 2001. I moved to Virginia to work on a racetrack after graduation. I had a great time working with the race babies, but I missed Colorado. I moved back to Colorado in 2002 and started training riders and horses shortly after.

I enjoy helping kids of all ages discover the joy of horseback riding. I have experience with taking students to schooling shows, CHJA shows, and USEF shows. I enjoy helping students, who are ready, find the right match when buying a horse.

Christa and her family have been my friends for more than a decade now, and I love having my business at Sunset Ridge Equine Services. We have a great family environment, and we have lots of fun while we all learn new things about the horses every day.