Sunset Ridge Equine Services, LLC
invites you to their


Saturday, July 2 and Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jumping Class Order:

Leadline Pile of Poles
Pile of Poles 12 & Under (2 classes)
Pile of Poles 13 & Over (2 classes)
Cross-rails 12 & Under (2 classes)
Cross-rails 13 & Over (2 classes)
2'-2'3" ( 3 classes)*
2'6"-2'9" (3 classes)
Gambler's Choice 2'3"-2'9"
Cross Country up to 2' *
Cross Country up to 2'6" *

*classes may be split according to age
**warm-ups begin at 8:00 a.m.**
**classes begin at 9:00 a.m.**

Gymkhana Class Order:

Leadline Keyhole
Keyhole 12 & Under
Keyhole 13 & Over
Pole Bending 12 & Under
Pole Bending 13 & Over
Flag Race 12 & Under
Flag Race 13 & Over
Barrel Race 12 & Under
Barrel Race 13 & Over

**gymkhana will not start before noon**

Fun Classes Between Jumping & Gymkhana…
Musical Buckets
**will be split according to ability level, if needed**

The Fine Print...
...classes will be scored according to time as well as course faults
...attire is casual, but MUST include breeches for jumping and jeans for gymkhana, as well as helmets, boots and shirts with at least short sleeves (no tank tops) for EVERYONE on a horse.
...candy "ribbons" will be presented to 1st through 6th place and each placing will get points that can be traded in for prizes, except for Gambler's Choice and Leadline and Fun Classes (see below)
...Gambler's Choice will pay out according to number of entries, Leadline has special prizes, Ride-a-Buck winner gets all the "bucks", and Musical Buckets winner will get half the Musical Buckets entry proceeds.
...all dogs must be leashed and under control at all times

$10 per regular and leadline classes
$15 for Gambler's Choice
$5 for fun classes (plus you need a "buck" for Ride-a-Buck!)
$10 office fee per rider

Sunset Ridge Equine is located 9.5 miles east of I-25 on Harmony or 5.5 miles west of Eaton at 12498 WCR 74.

Please call or text Christa (970-988-9711) or email her at with questions!!